Here is what people are saying about LaMar.

Activity Coordinator/ Enumclaw Middle School

Ed Hatzenbeler
"Over the past five years, LaMar has demonstrated versatility, as he presented on a variety of topics in our school, including pride and respect, diversity, motivation, and the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He always captivates the audience with personal stories, engaging music, and truly leaves the students with A Positive Message For Life."

Ferrucci Jr. High

"Hey man, I liked your message today. It was good, it made me think about all the stuff that drugs could do to you. When you get done at your next school, I bet most of them that do drugs there will stop. Trsut me, your speech is that good!"

Chief Leschi Tribal School

"I thank you for being there for those people who need someone to talk to. I was one of those people. You really helped me understand more about drugs than I already did. My mom died from drugs and I know I do not want to die young. Thank you for being drug free."

Prevention Specialist Pierce County Health Dept.

Marcia Henning
"LaMar's presentation as a plenary speaker at the 2005 Washington State Prevention Summit was filled with exuberance and the vitality of a life worth living. As a former at-risk teen who has survived to become a health education professional, I was fired up and inspired by LaMar's sense of fun and great kindness. I wish I knew a "LaMar" when I was a struggling young person. I am deeply happy to know him now. Please keep up the great work!"

Truman Middle School

Dear LaMar, "Your presentation today was the greatest I've ever seen. You share the same great message as many other speakers who pass through our school, but you have a much more effective way of getting it through to the students. Your style of entertaining the students as you gave your message was genious, I would like to tell you that I very much enjoyed it."

Emerald Ridge High School

Hey there, "I was at one of the assemblies at Emerald Ridge High School. I loved your speech, and it was truly an inspiration to me. I thought it was VERY good, and I took a lot out of it. Thank You"

Prevention Coordinator/ Pierce County Human Services

Gene Uno
"It is truly amazing that LaMar is able to reach out to the youth. I have seen him work his magic on several occasions. He can sing a rap song, tell a story and/or deliver a message that captures the attention and imagination of the youth. Many of the 31 schools that attend the Prevention Conference have invited LaMar to their schools to speak on substance abuse prevention issues and to be a part of their assemblies." "I enthusiastically recommend LaMar as a youth speaker. His messages and methodologies are effective with students and parents."

Surprise Lake Middle School

"You visited my school (Surprise Lake Middle School) and I thought that you did an AWESOME JOB!!!" "Teaching us about drugs and how they can and will affect you!!! I hope that you come back and teach us more!"

King County Councilman, Dist.7

Pete Von Reichbauer
The King County Council recognizes and thanks LaMar Hudson for his personal support of "The Unspoken Plea." LaMar's original song composed for this program further exemplifies his dedicated commitment to the elimination of child abuse in all forms.

Child and Parent Resources

Donna Saling
Dear LaMar, "The time and effort you have donated to preventing child abuse is so valuable to Child and Parent Resources."